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  • Monosulfide — may refer to: Carbon monosulfide, a chemical compound with the formula CS Copper monosulfide, a chemical compound with the formula CuS Mononitrogen monosulfide, an inorganic compound with the formula SN Scandium monosulfide, a chemical compound… …   Wikipedia

  • monosulfide — noun Any sulfide having a single sulfur atom …   Wiktionary

  • monosulfide — mono·sulfide …   English syllables

  • monosulfide — “+ noun Etymology: mon + sulfide : a sulfide containing one atom of sulfur in the molecule …   Useful english dictionary

  • Copper monosulfide — IUPAC name Copper sulfide …   Wikipedia

  • Mononitrogen monosulfide — Mononitrogen monosulfide …   Wikipedia

  • Carbon monosulfide — is a chemical compound with the formula CS. This diatomic molecule is unstable as a solid or a liquid, but it has been observed as a gas both in the laboratory and in the interstellar medium. [Wilson, R. W.; Penzias, A. A.; Wannier, P. G.; Linke …   Wikipedia

  • arsenic monosulfide — noun see arsenic disulfide …   Useful english dictionary

  • Dictionary of chemical formulas — This is a list of chemical compounds with chemical formulas and CAS numbers, indexed by formula. This complements alternative listings to be found at list of inorganic compounds, list of organic compounds and inorganic compounds by element. Table …   Wikipedia

  • Copper sulfide — Copper sulfides describe a family of chemical compounds and minerals with the formula CuxSy. Both minerals and synthetic materials comprise these compounds. Some copper sulfides are economically important ores. Prominent copper sulfide minerals… …   Wikipedia

  • Selenium sulfide — chembox new ImageFile= ImageSize= IUPACName= Selenium(IV) sulfide, selenium disulfide OtherNames= Section1=Chembox Identifiers CASNo=7488 56 4 PubChem=24087 SMILES=S= [Se] =S MeSHName=Selenium+sulfide Section2=Chembox Properties Formula=SeS2… …   Wikipedia

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